Travel guide for those who cant afford to fly but would like to visit other countries in a day.

Take LRT or Monorail and get down in Station Masjid Jamek. You will find yourself in Pakistan. Its like a big Pakistan bazaar. Take a stroll slowly to Leboh Ampang and you'll find yourself in India.  Have pure Indian Vegetarian lunch there and proceed to Jalan Silang. You will be entering Nepal, Myanmar and Vietnam at one go.  There is no country border here. All of them mixed in one place. Quickly take a bus or monorail  to Jalan Bukit Bintang. Aloha. You are entering Africa, Arab, China and Uzbekistan at place. Its a food haven. Have lunch here. Have foot, body or watever you want massaged . Lots of promotion packages and everything and anything can be massaged here. Then take the bus to Jalan Chow Kit. U r now entering Indonesia. There is Jawa Timur, Jawa Barat, Madura, Bali and particularly all parts of Indonesia at one place. U wont find this even if you go to Indonesia itself.

Actually Tourism Malaysia should promote our country as " Visiting Malaysia is like Visiting The Rest of The World".